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Why we ?

The answer is simple , We follow Corporate code of ethics
The employees of elensoft comply with following corporate values:

The workforce exercises honesty, objectivity, and diligence in the performance of projects.

All employees exhibit loyalty in all matters pertaining to assigned projects.

Our team undertakes only those projects that it can expectedly complete with professional competence.

The company does not disclose any confidential information.

Elensoft  specialists maintain and improve their professional expertise, effectiveness and quality of service through continuing education.


Not to Forgot these points as well.

Diverse technologies, often competing, from PHP to .NET. are focussed by separate teams who have honed their skills through multiple customer projects, Of course, all the teams have excellent skills in basic software development skills such as object oriented development, multi-tier architectures, state of the GUI development, and RDBMS based backend technologies.

Application Domain
Software development for industry vertical segments of Construction Industry ,Jewellery ,cotton Belt, Transport Industry,Food Industry Specially Soya Plants, Financial Services need industry specific application domain expertise. Elensoft has drawn up resources from the industry to meet this need besides skill acquisition through various customer projects.

Professional Certification
Skill levels of resources in Elensoft is constantly upgraded using in-house training infrastructure, and professional levels of competency is ensured by acquiring certification through industry standard proficiency tests.

Academic Background
As part of comprehensive HR practice, Elensoft recruits well qualified software professionals. A small pool of post graduates, engineers, MBA's and industry professionals enhance the quality of outputs in whatever we do.


Customer Support

Unlike companies who believe that the job or project is done with developing and delivering, we at Elensoft think otherwise. We believe that a project once done needs to be tweaked and corners cut to fit exactly to the client requirement. We support the client by making our team available 24X7 through various means of communication, be it through IM, or telephone or video conferencing. We make ourselves available until the client is totally satisfied with the product delivered.


To know more about our Why we ?, email us at : info@elensoft.com

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