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If you need to get a website developed, then this solution is for you. From e-Commerce to Social Networks, Elensoft has created over 500  websites in the last ten years. This experience ensures that your web project can easily be handled by Elensoft.

Web 2.0 Interactive Sites

Looking to create an interactive site where users can contribute content and interact with one another? elensoft have been developing so called "Web 2.0" interactive sites and have completed many similar projects to date.

An interactive site  generally refers to any website where the users can interact, store and add data and communicate with other members. It can be as simple as a blog or as complex as a social networking website. You can add Web 2.0  interactive site  features to any kind of website, even corporate websites.

There is no definitive list on the features a Web 2.0  interactive site  should have, but they may include some or all of the following:

    • Visitors can create a user account
    • People can add comments to content
    • People can rate the content
    • People can send messages to one another
    • Users get their own profile which other users can view
    • Users can 'follow' or 'friend' other people
    • Users can add their own content such as text, images, video and audio


    Online Software Development

    100 companies and entrepreneurs from all over the India have chosen to work with us.

    Everyday we do custom programming. Everyday we solve specific business problems and improve the efficiency of the customers work processes. We are used to getting in the shoes of each and every business person, we are used to learning new information so that we can understand their goals better. We have extensive experience and skills in PHP, .Net, JavaScript  and SQL technologies.

    Know more about our products developed so far…


    Web development

    E-Commerce | Shop Online

    With ever increasing numbers of people in the India and abroad  purchasing their goods and services on the internet, it has never been a more important time to effectively sell online. Elensoft  offer various eCommerce (online shop) solutions that can be tailored to suit your business.

    Our 'Content Management' (CMS) e-commerce software allows you to fully control and maintain your shop without having advanced computer skills or experience. What's more, you can dial into your back-end system from any computer that has access to the internet. To name a few, our entry-level ecommerce platform offers you all of the following features:



    Features also include, unlimited product quantity, coupon management system, light-box image enlargement, RRP & VAT control and so much more. Our E-Commerce system has designed to be an all-in-one system that caters for all desired configurations.

    To see some examples of our live ecommerce websites, please take a look at our portfolio. If you would like to know more about what features are available with ecommerce, or for a quotation, please contact us.


    Content Management Systems

    One requirement nearly every site has is the ability to manage the content that is added to it. Whether you are looking to manage the content on your corporate site or want to allow users to add their own content, speak to Elensoft today. We have been developing and working with Content Management Systems for over 6 years.


    Web Development Technologies

    We build all our sites to current web standards using a range of open source technologies.
    This site was built using:

      Server Scripting & Languages : PHP | ASP | ASP.NET | XML | HTML | XHTML | DHTML

      Client Scripts : Jquery | AJAX | Javascript | VBScript | ActionScript

    Flash/Flex Development

    Elensoft Technologies  specializes in developing applications using the Adobe Flash. We have enabled various small and large organizations to take advantage of this platform through our Flash Development.

    Flash enables enterprises to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications that dramatically enhance user experience, revolutionizing the way people interact with the web. Flash contains features for accessing server-side data. These features use remote procedure calls to interact with server environments, such as PHP, and Microsoft ASP.NET, to provide data to Flash applications and send data to backend data sources.


    Depending on the type of interfaces, we have to a particular server-side application; we can connect to a Flash application using one of the following methods :

    • HTTP GET or POST using the HTTP Service component.
    • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) compliant web services using the WebService component.
    • Adobe Action Message Format (AMF) remoting services using the Remote Object component.


    Using the above technologies, we build

    • Complete Flash based UI for portals and applications.
    • Charting and report generation for enterprise applications.


    Applications Areas

    We can help you if you are planning to develop applications in following areas:

    • Personal Profile Management (For Social Networking Website)
    • One-to-One live cam solutions
    • Business analytics/ reports
    • Video Content Distribution
    • Live Video Broadcasting
    • Video Content Creation
    • Product Catalogues
    • E-classes
    • E-shops


    Streaming Solutions In Flash, Video Audio Chat

    Our indepth knowledge of the streaming servers and video media encoding makes us the most preferrable team for your Streaming and Audio Video chat solutions. We do not just build solutions but go on an extra mile to help you even scale solutions.


    Flash Media Server

    Powerful delivery methods that are what defines Flash Media Server. It can not only save bandwidth costs but also lighten the load on your network and help you enjoy the best of media experiences. Its high quality service metrics enhance the playback quality, makes video  streaming  easier  than ever.


    Online Product Demos or Flash Manuals

    Show your products in a lively animated way to the visitors with the power of Flash. Flash can be the perfect sales team for you- 24/7 productivity, no salary required. Online product demos and interactive sales brochures are the ideal way to provide specific details and information about your products and services in a low-tension manner. Web site visitors are more inclined to learn about your organizations products or services if they are not required to talk to a sales person straight away or leave their name and email address. Likewise, Flash multimedia product or training manuals can be invaluable, more flexible and very cost effective versus traditional video training.

    An animated sequence on the screen combined with a professional script and voice makes for a powerful and simple presentation that is both enjoyable to watch and informative. Get them excited about your product and services just as you are getting excited about creating an online product demo right now. An online Flash based product demo can also act very effectively .



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