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About Company

Sri Bhagirath Textiles is a highly integrated textile force with innovation leadership and strong consumer focus. Having established its prominence over the market, the group has its presence all over the country. Being a one-stop solution for all the textile needs of a consumer, SBTL believes in implementing solutions based on the requirements and necessities. We, at Sri Bhagirath Textiles, constantly endeavour to manufacture and deliver top-quality products for our clients. Customer satisfaction and trust are our guiding principles at SBTL.

Strong Passion for Quality:

Quality assurance is imbibed in every process at SBTL. Fully equipped quality control labs ensure that the highest quality product is manufactured. We aim to meet quality expectations and create a new benchmark for our products within the industry. The product is tested regularly, at every stage, to identify the faults, if any, to generate the best quality result. SBTL has achieved awards and accreditations for quality from consumers.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Sri Bhagirath Textiles is a customer-oriented company. Our team works closely with the customers to ensure timely delivery. We follow ethical business approaches to provide customer satisfaction. We always work toward offering the best solutions to our consumers.


Powered by innovation:

We, at SBTL, are very keen listeners, constantly trying to understand our consumer's grievances and determined towards achieving the results. We always look forward to growing our innovative strategy by working with our expert team and transforming the ideas into a product.

Women empowerment:

We at SBTL, believe in empowering women by providing them with the opportunity at work. 40% of our workforce comprises of women in the organization. Respect and the safety of our female employees at work are of paramount importance.


The Group has strict policies and compliance procedures with regards to safety. We strive to create a hygienic and reliable work atmosphere to ensure the safety of our employees.

Social Responsibility:

We understand our responsibility toward mother nature. SBTL is dedicated to fulfilling its duty towards the environment and society. An initiative of creating a green environment was undertaken by our team by planting over 5000 trees within the premises. Our chairman, Mr. Shreegopal Maheshwary is also strongly associated with various philanthropic organizations like friends of Tribal Society & Rotary Club.