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We are a technology-driven company. SBTL believes in constantly upping their technology game for delivering consistent quality and production standards. The latest innovative trends in the industry always help us stay a step ahead and enables us to supply the most exceptional quality products at a suitable price.

Category Machinery Make / Model
100% Cotton Ring Spun Unit Blow Room Trutzschler
Foreign Particle Detector Trutszschler
Carding With Chute Feed Trutzschler TC 05, Germany
Breaker Draw Frame Rieter SB D 22
Finisher Draw Frame RSB D45
Comber Preperatory Lap Former Rieter Omega E 35
Comber Rieter E 80
Speed Frames Electrojet- Spain
Auto-doffing of roving spindle and Auto-Feeding to R/F Innospin
Ring Frame (Compact) Rieter K 42
Ring Frame Rieter G 32
Auto Coners(Link Coner) Schlafhorst X-5, Germany
Yarn Clearer Uster Quantum -3, Switzerland
Precision Winders SMEW, India
Automatic Packing Indo texnology
Humidification & Air Conditioning LUWA
Yarn Conditioning Seiger, India

Category Machinery Make / Model
Synthetic Ring Spun Unit Blow Room Trumac , India
Carding With Chute Feed Trutzschler TC 05
Breaker Draw Frame LMW LD06 , India
Finisher Draw Frame LMW RSB 851 , India
Speed Frames LMW LF 1465,India
Ring Frame LMW LR -9AXL/LR-J9-AX
Auto Coners Schlafhorst AC 338 , Germany
Yarn Clearer Uster Quantum, Switzerland
Precision Winders SMEW, India
TFO Twister Volkman Compact Twister Germany
Humidification & Air Conditioning ABC, India
Yarn Conditioning Seiger, India