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Quality Checks

Quality plays a vital part in our value system. Right from the initial stage to dispatch, SBTL maintains its strict policy of performing quality checks at various stages during production to ensure the quality of the product. The following standards are adopted:

Raw Material:

1. 100% quality check of cotton samples manually and by USTER HVI SPECTRUM.

2. Manual picking of contamination with attractive incentive schemes for the employees carrying out the process.

3. SBTL has a warehousing capacity of 12000 bales to store and supply quality cotton yarns throughout the year consistently.

In Process:

1. All cards attached with auto levellers for maximum consistency.

2. USTER yarn clearers at the winding stage to eliminate contaminated yarns.

3. Oerlikon CYRO clearer at the autocross stage to cut any colour contamination.

4. The facility is always installed with barriers to maintain the required humidity.

5. State-of-the-art laboratory equipped with Uster and high-end testing machinery.


1. The final product is passed through ultraviolet light to eliminate any contamination.

2. Minimum 20% sample testing of each batch is carried out during the process and after manufacturing.

3. Pre-Delivery inspection of all consignment by the QA is performed before the batch is dispatched.