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Powering Project Success with an MIS which keeps you updated and optimize your productivity with real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports and track maintenance. Dynamic reports on everything from costing to traceability, performance analysis, and make smarter decisions about your business.

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GST Compliance

GST enabled NWAY Construction ERP Software for India

Smart Taxation with recently involved GST (Goods and Services Tax), Many Businesses are struggling with GST which was brought in action on 1st July 2017, in India The accounts and finance modules encrypt GST which enables the owner to understand the new tax changes and further ease out the transactions. So NWAY Construction ERP has expertized with this new norm for helping our clients to get rid of GST issues.

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Team consisting of specialized experts having 15+ years of experience in this field. Enabling your business to go in trusted hands.

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Nway is serving in 48 cities across India.

The Versatile nature of our software makes it flexible for all the companies ranging from small to large-sized enterprises. Aiming to full fill the needs of all the departments present in the construction or real estate industry. Which makes our existence all over India.

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