About us

Self Building to Nation Building


At Kothari Institute, we believe that “knowledge is Power”. And this knowledge comprises of the knowledge of oneself, knowledge of one’s Surrounding and knowl- edge of one’s Nation.

Through this knowledge one will be able to know one’s flaws and strengths and then use that strength to alleviate those flaws and become a better person, thereby becoming a fertile and productive part of the society.

At Kothari, we in the beginning of a student joining our community, make an overall evaluation of the student giving them personal attention, so that they use their abilities in the right direction.

Besides providing the strength of academic knowledge, we push them forward and let them use their talent in extra-curricular activities like performing Dramas on revelant current issues. we provide for them a platform where they can sing, dance, and commingle with each other to bring out the jewels of knowledge in the land of their fertile brain through debate and discussion.

For the betterment of the society with their developed personalities, we provide them real time exposure by involving them in various activities like:-

Traffic awareness:-

Kothari Institute runs a traffic awareness campaign were we. with the help of our students ehlighten the public of the necessity of following traffic rules and thereby valuing their own and other lives.

For that we distribute pamphlets, make posters and sometimes with the help of students manage traffic. This is how our students get hands on training of how to deal with various situation on ground zero.

Anuvrat Compaign:-

Here at Kothari, we ask our students to divide their larger goals into smaller ones and there by attain those smaller goals in order to ultimately achieve the larger goal.

This helps them to see the larger picture of how they can take small necessary steps to attain the larger goals enshirned in our country’s constitution.

Discipline at Kothari:-

We inculcate in them a sense of discipline which helps them to maintain consis-tent high standard of behaviour within and outside our institution. And this is how they become an example and model to fellow citizens.

Trips to old age homes and orphanages:-

We take our students to various field trips and give them real time exposure in various harsh situation of life and let them grow a sense of empathy for their fellow unpriviliged citizens.

This helps them strive towards their goal with due diligence and that’s how they know that when they achieve their goal they never forget “Gandhi’s Talisman” that their efforts should benefit the last person in the societal pyramid And this how kothari students have an edge over their fellow competetors by having confidence in various public situations.

Even in the worst case scenario of not clearing a competetive exam, they contribute their thoughts towards the overall development of the nation, with the help of their leadership skills and their ability to lead their peer citizens.

This is how we at Kothari provide our little contribution that we can in nation building by managing the human resourse in the best possible way that we can.