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Kids Zone

Our teaching method doesn’t insist upon imposing a classroom regimen on the students. Instead, our teachers are focussed upon understanding the learning aptitude of each student and then further refine it through a selective assortment of the classroom and outdoor activities.

The experienced and qualified educators make sure that a child is provided a vast range of planned and professionally-chosen, yet fun-filled activities, that help him learn through a constant process of self-exploration. The sense of self-assurance that a child develops during these early years is integral from an emotional transition perspective something that most Playschools too fail to instill among their students. The mainstay of every activity, whether group or individual, conducted in school helps in making the child realize his own capabilities, developing a sense of self-worth, becoming confident of showcasing his skills and expressing his mind.


    Getting better every day is in our DNA. We don’t coast. We don’t procrastinate. By improving ourselves, our culture and our business, we also improve our ability to make a difference.


    The growth of our business serves a purpose larger than itself. It allows us to increase the good we do and creates more opportunities for our employees, our plastic recycling industry and our clients.


    Putting environment first is at the core of everything we do. That means we make decisions with the best interests of community and nature in mind and conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner by integrating pollution prevention and resource conservation. It also ensures we live our purpose of making a difference to each other, our customers, and our community.


    We earn our reputation for industry-leading quality every day. And we hold ourselves to high standards that ultimately make a difference to the society at large.


    All of our actions and decisions rest on a foundation of integrity and ethics. It’s as important today as ever, and we make a difference by encouraging others to do the same.


    Sports is an active and engaging choice for children who enjoy team games and developing individual athletic skills. Every day we offer seasonal indoor and outdoor sports.


    Celebration are a chance to spread brotherhood, faith, love, sense of respect and duty in between people. That's why all festivals are celebrated in proper manner.


    Weekly activities are being performed to enhanced personal and social communication skills, increased physical, mental and spiritual health.


    We have ample play area where children cycle around, play, do all kinds of extra-curricular activities like, yoga, dance, taekwondo, aerobics and make sand castles in the sand pit.


    Lunch hall can often be one of the best place of the school. Students can calm down in dining halls and enjoy their meals in relaxed environment.


    We believe outdoor visit activities can teach outdoor survival skills, enhance teamwork, develop leadership skills and understand natural environments.


    IPPS believes school buses should be as safe as possible. That's why our safety standards for school buses are above and beyond those for regular buses


    It is important to make kids active so we have designed classroom livelier to improve their interest for learning and increase their participation in studies.