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School Uniform & Timing

School Timing
S.NO Class Time
1. Std. KG.I to Std. II 8:30 AM – 1:10 PM
2. Std. III to Std. X 8:30 AM – 2:50 PM
3. Std. XI & Std. XII 8:30 AM   –  1:10 PM  (Activity time excluded)

Class Boys Girls
Class KGI to VIII Brown Trouser , Cream Shirt Brown Skirt , Cream Shirt
Class IX to XII Brown Trouser , Cream Shirt Cream Salwar Suit with Dupatta

1. Tie for VI-XII Boys and VI-VII Girls

2. Brown Socks, Black Shoes and School Belt with School Mono for all

3. It is Compulsory to wear ID Card (Issued by the school)

House Uniform (on Wednesday & Saturday)

1. House T-Shirt ( Red Yellow Blue Green ) Black Lower

Winter Uniform
Class Boys Girls
Class KGI to V Full Pant , Brown Full Sleeves Sweater Brown Slacks , Brown Full Sleeves Sweater
Class VI to XII Brown Blazer ( with School mono ) Brown Blazer ( with School mono )
House Uniform House T-Shirt with Complete track Suit


1. Well manicured nails , neatly-combed hair and smart appearance is expected all the students.

2. All boys except sikh student in turban must maintain a short hair cut

3. Girls are not allowed to apply Nailpolish

4. The uniform must be clean and properly ironed

5. Students must carry a clean handkerchief

6. Shoes should be polished and well-maintained