PHP Development

Completed PHP projects
Over 45
Years in business
7 years
Largest PHP project
delivered to client
`9,000 lines of code,
6 months of work
Smallest PHP project
delivered to client
100 lines of code,
4 hrs of work.

Our PHP expertise


Advantages of development in PHP

  • PHP is compatible with all operating systems.
  • PHP is ideal for web programming.
  • PHP provides high performance.
  • Features native support for most popular databases.
  • PHP is light weight.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Everything is 100% remotely configurable.

PHP Development Expertise

  • Shopping Carts.
  • Product Catalogues.
  • Forum and Bulletin Boards.
  • Content Management System.
  • Ecommerce Portals.
  • Events Calendar.
  • Membership websites.
  • Lead management system.
  • Directory and Classifieds.
  • Enterprise Systems.
  • XML / RSS Feed.
  • File Manipulation and Handling.
  • Activity Planning.
  • Banner Rotation.
  • Members area development.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • Message Boards and Forums.
  • Online Chats.
  • Blogs.
  • Polls and Surveys.


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