Our .Net expertise in brief

Completed .Net projects
Over 20
Years in business
5 years
Largest .Net application
delivered by us
2,00,000 lines of code,
2 years of work
Smallest .Net application
delivered by us
250 lines of code,
8 hours of work.


Our .Net Expertise in Brief

We often create a complete business solution that includes customer relations, resources management, user management, import and export of data, reports, integrations, automatic updates and so on.

.Net mobile applications

Our C# programmers can develop you a custom mobile solution based on Windows CE and the .NET Mobile Framework.

C# .Net web applications

If your company has employees working from different physical locations and with different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS, then our experienced C# developers can create a Web-based application for your business.

.Net plugins

Sometimes all you need is just an addon for your favorite office program, like Microsoft Word or Excel. Or something completely different? We will certainly help you. Just tell us what you need.


To know more about our organizational practices, email us at : info@elensoft.com




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