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Food Plant (Solvent Industry) Software

It is the only well designed software in the market that fulfills all needs of a Soya Solvent Plant factory area's and Head offices.

This software automates all processes of a Solvent Plant such as Arrivals, Purchases from Import and local markets, Production, and Sales, Bags stocks, Raw Material Stocks, oil stocks and all kind of financial tasks with latest double entry Accounting System.

This Soya Solvent software support data entry on both ends i.e. Head office and factory Area. Also maintains its Vouchers entry automatically. Our software  is highly customizable to users and very easy to use. It supports multi location and multiple companies as well. With competition continually affecting margins and customer demands on the rise, food plants need integrated software that maximizes efficiencies throughout the organization while continually enhancing the experience.

Our software incorporated the latest industry features, offer unparalleled ease-of-use with a minimal learning curve, and be flexible in design and scalable in scope to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment.




Software Involved in every step of purchase

Purchasing functionality provides sophisticated management and organization to your purchasing operations. Purchase Contract  processing simplifies item and vendor selection, reducing costly errors and increasing productivity while providing management with information required in making intelligent decisions. The entire purchasing process is supported receiving and issuing vouchers for incoming materials, this software is accounting partner software, automatically posting inputs to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger

Purchase Contract Generation :

Purchase contract is a binding agreement between buyer and supplier. It defines terms & condition to purchase particular item. This terms & condition is all about payment, expenses and quality parameters.

Inward Token generation :

Inward Token is the entry pass that shows lorry has been entered in plant premises. Generated token no is base for further reference

Unloading lorry report :

This report shows status of unloaded lorry i e Good Receipt Note has not been made yet.


GRN stands for Good Receipt Note. This step involves calculation for received quantity and comparison between billed qty and average qty. it also include the process shorted allowed level.

Quality Analysis :

After receiving goods quality has to check on certain parameters. Quality parameter is already defined in purchase contract.

Bill Processing :

Purchase Bill Pass is the process that decides the amount to be paid. All the deduction and addition are performed in this process. The base of deduction and addition are quality parameter, expenses (taxes) and other purchase incentive.    


Sales Process

The Sales process provides tremendous versatility, control, and power over sales and contract entry policies. Individual pricing strategies are clearly defined for each customer based on data from your own records. Sales Contract Entry allows you to enter sales contracts as you take them. Background information about the material, customer or previous transactions is easily obtained through just on single click. Orders can be entered using any defined weight or volume for the material. Printed forms such as the delivery order acknowledgment or the invoice can have customer item names for the items

Sales Contract Generation :

Sales contract is a binding agreement between buyer and supplier. It defines terms & condition. This terms & condition is all about payment, expenses and quality parameters.

Delivery Order Against Contract(DO) :

As production completed delivery order has been made against contract. Mapping between Contract and DO is many to one and one to many also.

Invoicing :

Invoice is document Invoice can easily be made on basis DO. Invoice can be single DO or Multiple DO.


Inventory of spare parts

Store process involves requisition of material, PO of that material item wise, party wise.
This will help to storekeeper to manage inventory of store.


Production & Consumption

Production module is designed specifically to enhance operating efficiency of process manufacturers. Its powerful yet flexible features expedite scheduling. Control the status and use of raw materials



  • Various reports generation
  • Pending DD/RTGS party wise /date wise request preparation
  • Purchase Declaration (For submitting in mundi )
  • VAT Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Freight payment details
  • Mundi Tax Payment Details
  • Pending Payment and Receipt Details
  • All Types of Vouchers Printing(sales, purchase, account)
  • MIS
  • Daily Reporting :

   Till Date, Month wise, Year wise Production,
   Till Date, Month wise, Year wise Consumption
   Today’s inward
   Today’s outward
   Today’s total Payment
   Today’s total Receipt

    • Financial Year wise Account and there Balance Transfer
    • Access Authorizations

    Multi Location

    Multi Company

    Client List

    • Mahakali Foods


    Front End, PHP Backend, SQL Server

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