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Flash/Flex Development

Elensoft Technologies  specializes in developing applications using the Adobe Flash. We have enabled various small and large organizations to take advantage of this platform through our Flash Development.

Flash enables enterprises to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications that dramatically enhance user experience, revolutionizing the way people interact with the web. Flash contains features for accessing server-side data. These features use remote procedure calls to interact with server environments, such as PHP, and Microsoft ASP.NET, to provide data to Flash applications and send data to backend data sources.


Depending on the type of interfaces, we have to a particular server-side application; we can connect to a Flash application using one of the following methods :

  • HTTP GET or POST using the HTTP Service component.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) compliant web services using the WebService component.
  • Adobe Action Message Format (AMF) remoting services using the Remote Object component.


Using the above technologies, we build

  • Complete Flash based UI for portals and applications.
  • Charting and report generation for enterprise applications.


Applications Areas

We can help you if you are planning to develop applications in following areas:

  • Personal Profile Management (For Social Networking Website)
  • One-to-One live cam solutions
  • Business analytics/ reports
  • Video Content Distribution
  • Live Video Broadcasting
  • Video Content Creation
  • Product Catalogues
  • E-classes
  • E-shops


Streaming Solutions In Flash, Video Audio Chat

Our indepth knowledge of the streaming servers and video media encoding makes us the most preferrable team for your Streaming and Audio Video chat solutions. We do not just build solutions but go on an extra mile to help you even scale solutions.


Flash Media Server

Powerful delivery methods that are what defines Flash Media Server. It can not only save bandwidth costs but also lighten the load on your network and help you enjoy the best of media experiences. Its high quality service metrics enhance the playback quality, makes video  streaming  easier  than ever.


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